COVID-19  Small Business Owners, Homeowners and Renters in Illinois  

The Nigerian Global Chamber of Commerce extends its warm greetings to all our clients. As the state of Illinois begins to reopen slowly, and we are all excited about this process. A more excited news is Gov. J.B Pritzker’s plan for Illinoisans. 

The governor announced a $900 million Covid-19 relief grant for Illinois residents. This grant will assist small businesses impacted by Covid-19 as well as Illinois residents struggling to pay mortgages and rent.   

News Highlight  

  • Starting July, 3,500 business will benefit from a $60 million grant program.  

  • Extending residential eviction ban until July 31, 2020.  

  • $150 million program will provide $5,000 grants to Illinois tenants. 

  • $150 million program will provide $15,000 grants for 10,000 eligible homeowners. 

  • Starting in July, the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity will provide $60 million for up to 3,500 businesses. $540 million of that program will go towards small businesses funded by the federal CARES Act.  

  • $25 million will be re-appropriated from the state’s capital program to help Illinois businesses that sustained property damage due to looting from the recent protest.  

To learn more about this program and its benefits, click on the link below: 

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