Our foundation

The Chamber of Commerce is a body of business owners and industry experts that influence and explore emerging business trends to present the greatest opportunities for our entrepreneurs. We’ll continue to explore and facilitate the flow of businesses between the continent of Africa and the United States by educating African Diasporas and business owners of investment opportunities that exist.

Our prestigious business networking events helps businesses make connections that count by offering educational programs and crucial business updates on topics including technology, marketing, business developments and international commerce.

We continue to grow our partnerships in the Chicago region by expanding our networking programs to effectively deliver our programs for the benefit of our members. We organize workshops and conferences where business-minded professionals and decision-makers can share ideas and create wealth.

Nigeria Global Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Tax ID: 83-2153773

Our core values

Professionalism, Integrity, Ownership, Honesty, Leadership, Passion, Diversity, Teamwork, Constant Improvement, Accountability and Purpose-driven


Our members represent a diverse cross-section of our economy, including small and emerging businesses. The Chamber serves its members by providing an environment where business-minded professionals can build relationships and network, access business development programs and increases the organization’s visibility required to expand locally and globally.


The Nigeria Global Chamber of Commerce combines the power of people with our business advocacy to drive economic progress and business growth by supporting business owners in the Chicago community and to foster a climate where all industries can flourish both domestically and internationally.

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