We are Thinking About You 

The Nigerian Global Chamber of Commerce team extends its warm greetings to all our clients. As the country begins to slowly reopen, we are reaching out to every client, ensuring that every of our client is safe and healthy. We are aware that due to the past civil unrest that occurred across the country, businesses were affected. Unfortunately, the uprising of the Black Lives Matter Movement affected many of the businesses and organizations that we serve. We are disheartened and we will want to reassure all our clients that the Nigerian Global Chamber of Commerce will continuously remain a support system for all our members. We are constantly sourcing and identifying information that can serve as great knowledge during this harsh period.

News Highlight:

Predictions from the World Bank emphasizes that the globe will encounter its deepest global recession in 80 years. Furthermore, the worldwide gross domestic product — the broadest measure of economic growth — will contract 5.2%. Advanced economies, such as the United States or Europe, are projected to shrink by 7%, America’s economy will contract by 6.1% before rebounding in 2021.
Thus, during this global economic distress, please do not forget that the Nigerian Global Chamber of Commerce are here to help rebuild and revitalize businesses.  

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